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Design les, certicates, specications, and more can be found on our website on our Toolbox page.
Please contact us with any questions or if you need assistance with take-os, customization, or product
recommendations. Color samples for our digitally printed items, solid and mesh vinyl, and powder coating
as well as catalogs and architects resource binders are available at no charge upon request.
Manufactured and Shipped from
Central U.S. Location
Ceiling and Wall Suspended Basketball
Field Sports
90% In-House U.S. Manufacturing
Divider Curtains
Competition Portables
Midwest Friendly Customer
Site Furnishings
For over 40 years, IPI has provided quality gym equipment to schools, recreation centers,
churches, health clubs, pay-to-play facilities, YMCAs and virtually anywhere that indoor team
sports are played.
In 2012, IPI was acquired by Bison, arguably the industry leader in post-construction, indoor
gymnasium and outdoor eld sports equipment and while operating as an independent division
of Bison, IPI customers now can take advantage of Bison’s advanced manufacturing capabilities,
extremely broad product line, creative product engineering, central U.S. Lincoln, Nebraska, I-80
location and longstanding reputation for quality, customer-centric service, on-time delivery and
dedication to creating U.S. jobs by maintaining over 90% of its manufacturing in the U.S.
In addition to access to Bison’s full product line, IPI dealers and their customers have access to
site furnishings and streetscapes including benches, litter receptacles, sidewalk planters and
bike racks through Bison’s BRP division.