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Custom Wall Mount Structure
Choose from Stationary, Side Fold or Fold Up, each with
your choice of backboard, rim and backboard padding
found on page 14. Select setback from wall to face of
backboard from 4’ to 10’ (1’ to 10’ on stationary systems).
All structures are constructed of 1 ½” schedule 40
structural pipe (1.9” diameter) and welded steel brackets
and are assembled using ½” diameter grade 5 hardware.
Additional features include 2” x 8” clear coated, southern
yellow pine wall boards,
/16” proof coil support chains
with chain tensioners and a durable powder coated nish
in your choice of colors on all steel surfaces. Custom wall
mount structure is built to order based on customer
supplied gym dimensions and is not returnable. IPI does
not provide wall anchors.
IP10WB Stationary
This is the least expensive style of wall mount structure and is perfect for
facilities where there is no need to move the backboard and rim to eliminate
interference with other activities taking place in the gym. Backboard face can
be positioned anywhere from 1’ to 10’ from the wall.
IP15WSF Side Fold
Manually swing the backboard and rim to the left or right close to the wall
when not in use. Includes heavy steel pivots and telescoping crossmembers
that lock the unit in the stored or the playing position. Backboard face can be
positioned anywhere from 4’ to 10’ from the wall.
IP12WF Fold Up
Structure is designed to swing upward by use of a Manual Winch (BA925) or
Electric Hoist (BA975). See page 13 for details. Electric Hoist can be operated
using a variety of optional control systems found on page 12. Backboard face
can be positioned anywhere from 4’ to 10’ from the wall.
Shooting Station
In addition to custom built and in-stock
competition wall mount structures, IPI
oers elementary school, side court, rec
center and general purpose structure,
backboard and rim packages to t any
need. Find xed height and height
adjustable shooting station packages on
the web at www.bisoninc.com.
Custom (Stationary)
In Stock (Side Fold)
In-Stock Telescoping Wall Mount Structure
No need to guess at the desired distance from the wall to the
face of the backboard, to wait on custom structure delivery
or to deal with expensive eld modications in cases of
measuring errors. Choose Stationary or Side Fold systems with
wall to backboard face distance from 4’ to 12’. Compatible with
either of the 42” x 72” rectangular backboards and any of the
rims found on page 14. Structure telescopes at installation
prior to being bolted in place in the perfect location. Choose
4’ - 6, 6’ - 8’ or 8’ - 12’ extension options. All in-stock structures
have a silver gray powder coated nish and heavy welded
brackets. Additional features include clear coated 2” x 8”
southern yellow pine wall boards,
/16” proof coil support
chains and welded 2” extension structural members. Consult
with one of our product specialists to select the model that
best ts your needs.