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Volleyball Systems
All volleyball systems below
are sold as complete systems
including standards, competition Kevlar rope
nets, net tensioning winches, antennae,
post or base padding and net height gauges.
Order oor sockets and ocial’s platform
separately. Three-post, two court systems
also available. Visit the website at
www.IPIbyBison.com for our complete line
of competition and recreational volleyball
systems. Choose the system that is right for
your program and your budget.
Visit www.bisoninc.com for our complete
line up of volleyball systems for every level
of play.
VB1000NS Centerline® Aluminum
Centerline Aluminum is our most popular selling
competitive volleyball system for college and high
school facilities and is often the choice of other facilities
who desire the advantage of lightweight aluminum
systems without sacricing the rigidity, net tension and
telescoping features found on heavier steel systems.
Net can be set at any height from juniors to men’s. Sold
in complete systems including 3” diameter standards,
net tensioning devices, Kevlar net, post padding and
antennae with adjustable foot pads. Order oor
sockets separately.
VB6000NS Match Point™
Match Point is the perfect solution when your needs call
for a 3 ½” diameter lightweight, low cost, easy to set up
system for all levels of play. Match Point allows innite
net height adjustment from 42” tennis height through
96” men’s volleyball. Includes many of the premium
features found in our Centerline Systems. Order oor
sockets separately.
VB73A Clamp-On Ocials Platform
A popular choice that provides a stable platform with minimal player or visual
interference. Compatible with any Bison volleyball standard. Standard padding
color is gray to match powder coated nish. Padding also available in Black,
Maroon, Navy, Royal or Scarlet.
VB76 Freestanding Folding Ocials Platform
Folds at for transport and storage. Gray padding coordinates with platform
VB73A VB76
Aluminum Floor Socket
Chrome Plated SwivelMachined Aluminum
Lockable Hinged BrassHinged Brass
Volleyball Floor Sockets and Floor Plates
Order sockets and oor plates individually for volleyball systems. Choose 3”, 3 ½” or
4” extruded aluminum sockets. Then choose hinged brass, lockable hinged brass,
machined aluminum or chrome plated swivel style oor plate. Order one for each pole.
BM10 Competition Badminton Systems
Competition Badminton System features 1” square aluminum standards compatible
with BM23 socket and oor plates (order separately). Comes complete with competition
net. Order BM10P for portable Badminton System.
TN10 Competition Tennis Systems
Competition Tennis System has a 3” diameter, heavy wall extruded aluminum post with
internal net cable tensioning system. Includes posts, net and center court hold down
strap. Install indoors or outdoors. Direct bury in concrete or install in a 3” oor socket
(order separately) for easy removal when not in use. Order TN05 for Recreational
Tennis System.
PK10XL Competition Pickleball Systems (not shown)
Same design as TN10 Competition Tennis System above except posts are shorter to
accommodate pickleball net height. Includes posts, net tensioning winch, net and
center court hold down straps. Order PK05XL for Recreational Pickleball Systems.