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Convertible™ Padded Table
This table comfortably seats four (4) scorekeepers/statisticians and features 2”
thick fully padded face and end panels. Available in 12’, 8’ or 4’ lengths, all with
incredible full color digital printed image capabilities. The 16” deep table top
folds in seconds for transport and storage and has convenient cup holders. Each
order comes with a LED possession arrow and integrated 115 volt power strip.
Table is designed to be used on the gym oor with chairs but can also be used
up in the bleachers using a customer supplied eld constructed wood platform.
Call for details.
Convertible Illuminated Table
Same basic design as our convertible padded table above but the front panel
is backlit with uorescent lighting to increase brightness. Same work space,
transport and storage features as above. Available in 8’ or 4’ lengths.
Space Saver™ Padded Table
If gym oor space is at a premium, order our Space Saver table that has the
same features as our convertible tables but is taller to allow it to be rolled up
against the bleachers with scoring ocials sitting in the second row of the
bleachers. Available in 8’ or 4’ lengths.
Your gym project isn’t complete without scoring tables and team chairs. Our graphic design sta can work with you to
coordinate the colors or graphic design of your protective wall padding with our full color graphic scoring tables, and
two-color logo team chairs, scorers chairs and timeout stools.
Space Saver Padded
Convertible Illuminated
Convertible Padded
STC500S Sideline Chair
These team sideline chairs carry a ve-year limited warranty and can be ordered in
a wide range of seat, seat back and chair frame color options. Logos can be added
to the back, seat bottoms and seat fronts in two color ink combinations. Work with
our graphic design sta to develop appropriate graphic and color combinations.
Minimum four chairs.
STC300S Timeout Stool
These timeout stools are available in a wide range of frame and vinyl seat color
options. The seat can be printed in any two-color combination. Minimum six
STC100 Chair Back Cover
Change color, logo or lettering on existing
chair backs with these full color printed
pull over vinyl chair back covers. Minimum
12 covers.
STC036 (not shown)
Store and transport up to 36 STC500S
team chairs on a dolly with oor friendly
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at www.bisoninc.com.