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SC2000 Scoreboard
This 60” high x 156” long wall
mounted scoreboard features
bright 12” high score and time
digits. It is designed primarily
for basketball but can be used
to score volleyball if desired.
Includes a 60” high x 48” wide
sponsor or team logo panel that
can be printed with any full color
graphic design at no extra cost.
Electronic Control Options
To control scoreboards, shot clocks and
backboard alert systems, consult our
electronic sales specialist to select from
our hardwired console, remote wireless
or other electronic control options.
SC450 Shot Clocks
12” high red digits in a 27” high x 24” wide aluminum cabinet.
Suitable for backboard or wall mounting. Can be used stand
alone or integrated to your scoreboard. Call for interface and
mounting details.
SC500 Possession Arrow
Thin space saving 120 volt LED possession arrow is 6” high and
20” wide.
BALED Correct Call Alert System
Correct Call™ LED Backboard Alert System integrates to virtually
any manufacturers scoreboard and provides instantaneous shot
clock or end of period visual signal. Can be used with virtually
any manufacturer’s 48” or 42” high glass backboard. Consult
our sta to conrm your backboard compatibility. Easily mounts
to rear of glass with high tack adhesive tape without drilling or
SC1000 Scoreboard
Same basic features as SC2000
above but in a more compact 35”
high x 144” long size with 35” high
x 36” wide sponsor/logo panel.