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Portable basketball systems are a popular choice when ceiling or wall mounted systems are impractical
or impossible. All IPI portables are padded for player protection, roll on oor-friendly casters for
transport and storage and have enclosed ballast compartments. Choose from our wide variety for
international competition to elementary school use and anywhere in between. Call for assistance to
select the portable that best ts your program’s needs.
For details on our complete line of portable basketball systems, visit the web at www.bisoninc.com.
T-Rex Americana
Designed for the highest level of play including Division I NCAA,
Americana features a 6” square, heavy-wall beam with laser cut
support structure for rigidity and an 8’ safe play area. Other features
include integrated ballasted base, 3” thick front base padding
system, 180° breakaway goal and spring counter balanced automatic
base control transport and setup system with eight, 8” diameter,
2” wide non-marking wheels. Order T-Rex International when
internationally preferred 10’8” safe play area is desired.
BA853G BA833
Bison BA853G
The downsized 54” x 36”
tempered glass backboard,
pull down lever-activated
transport system and innite
rim height adjustability from
ocial 10’ to as low as 5’
make this a versatile portable
for facilities where players of
all ages play.
Bison T-Rex 96
A great balance between competition level
features and budget conscience design.
T-Rex 96 has a full 8’ safe play area and is
suitable for aggressive play at all levels where
10’ 8” safe play area is not required. Order
T-Rex 66 for same portable but with 5’6” safe
play area.
Bison T-Rex 54 SR
Many of the same features as larger T-Rex
portables, including a full size competition
glass backboard but with a reduced base
size and 4’6” safe play area. Great for
rec center and side court play. Order
T-Rex 54 JR for same portable but
with 54” wide glass backboard instead
of 72” wide.
Bison BA833
Multipurpose facilities can
add basketball programs
easily and aordably with this
portable system with a 48
x 32” clear acrylic backboard
and breakaway rim.