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Gooseneck Basketball Systems
Available in 3 sizes, all with rustproof cast aluminum 35 ½” x 54” limited lifetime warranty
fan shaped backboard with white powder coated nish and orange border and shooter’s
square. Board is supported by two heavy tubular rear braces. Order pole padding separately.
• PR75 Mega-Duty Package
Features 5 ⁄” galvanized post with 6’ safe play area, 48” ground bury and lifetime
warranty double rim goal. Limited lifetime pole warranty.
• PR52 Heavy-Duty Package
Features 4 ½” galvanized post with 4’ safe play area, 48” ground bury and lifetime
warranty double rim goal. 25-year limited pole warranty.
• PR29 Tough-Duty Package
Features 3 ½” galvanized post with 3’ safe play area, 36” ground bury and heavy-duty
outdoor goal. 10-year limited pole warranty.
Gooseneck Systems
HangTime™ Ultimate Clear Polycarbonate Systems
The most durable adjustable height playground basketball systems in the industry. Easily adjust
rim height from ocial 10’ to 7½’ with 90° bevel gear hand winch. ½” bulletproof polycarbonate
backboard and specially designed outdoor breakaway goal allow us to oer a limited lifetime
functional warranty. Includes SafeStu™ player safety pole padding. Choose 6” pole with 72”
backboard or 5” pole with 60” wide backboard. Order PR98UHT for the 6” HangTime Ultimate
System or PR98UHTJR for the 5” HangTime Ultimate System.
BA871 Ultimate™ Steel System
Entire system is covered by a lifetime limited functional warranty. The heavy
6” square, ⁄” wall pole and extension arm are super rigid and provide 60” of safe play area.
Pole, extension arm, 42” x 60” steel backboard and double rim have a durable black powder
coated nish. 40” ground bury. Order pole padding separately.
BA873U Ultimate™ Clear Polycarbonate System
Same 6” square pole system as BA871 but includes an ocial size 42” x 72” clear unbreakable
½” thick polycarbonate backboard and outdoor breakaway goal. Order pole and backboard
padding separately. Lifetime limited functional warranty.
Note: Pole systems above shown with optional post or backboard padding.
Other Playground Basketball Options
See our complete line up of outdoor basketball systems to t all programs,
climates and budget at www.bisoninc.com. Over 30 available options.