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Electric Backstop Winches
Lightweight, but not lightweight when it comes to power, safety and durability. ¾ HP instantly
reversible motor develops 1250# of cable lift at a speed of 9 feet per minute. ¼” diameter, 7000#
aircraft cable winds on a 4½” diameter grooved aluminum drum. Hardened, positive locking, steel
worm gears are designed with a 200:1 reduction to eliminate backlash and slippage common on
belt driven winches. Additional features include easy to set limit switches, cable take up tension
roller, UL listing and optional remote control operation. Includes key switch, cord and 110 volt plug.
Order BA973LR for ¾ HP Electric Backstop Winch or BA974LR for 1 HP Electric Backstop Winch.
Divider Curtain Winches
Hardened steel worm gear, solid gear case, precision ball bearings and 100% repeatable limit
switch design make this winch an industry leader. ¾ HP model develops 2300 inch/pound of torque
at 8 RPM. ¾ HP model draws up to 14 amps of 110 volt AC power with a 20 minute duty cycle.
Order IPDC973LR for ¾ HP Electric Divider Curtain Winch or IPDC974LR for 1 HP Electric Divider
Curtain Winch.
BA925 Manual Backstop Winch
Most commonly used on Fold Up wall mounted basketball systems but can also be used on some
ceiling structures with low attachment points. The grooved cable drum and working gear drive
rotate on bearings and is operated by a padlockable hand crank. Entire assembly is pre-mounted to
a 2” x 10” wall board for easy wall attachment. Unit has a protective cover.
BA930 Portable 115 Volt Manual Winch Driver
This right angle, high torque, reversible ½ HP unit is powerful yet lightweight. Each unit is provided
with a drive socket and a PlugHugger locking device to avoid unauthorized use. Not recommended
for ceiling backstops over 25’.
IPDC955LR Divider Curtain Safety Lock
Designed to stop the 2⁄” diameter drive pipe on IPI Fold Up, Top
Roll and Roll Up divider curtains from inadvertently free falling due
to the failure of critical components. This self-lubricating device
is load rated at 1250# and will automatically lock when 2⁄” pipe
rotation reaches 200 RPM or 1” per second which would
indicates abnormal operation.
BA955 Saf-Lok™ Safety Belt
Saf-Lok is recommended for all Fold Up backstops, all
ceiling suspended movable equipment and any wall
mounted backstop that is suspended above bleachers.
Saf-Lok automatically engages to hold the ceiling
or wall suspended structure in any location due to
a sudden surge of speed created by cable breakage,
hardware failure or other risk. Operates much like
an automobile seat belt mechanism where sudden
inertia forces the multiple catch levers to stop the
downward motion of the protected equipment. The 2”
wide high strength polyester strap is rated at 6,000#.
Always consider Saf-Lok to protect players, fans and
equipment. 35’ maximum eective strap length. Order
BA955RP for optional Saf-Lok strap retracting pulley
assembly (not shown) for use on rear brace forward
folding backstops.
Electric Backstop Winch
IPGTSA Saf-Alarm (not shown)
Add Saf-Alarm to any 115 volt electric hoist to create an audible alarm when that
device is being raised or lowered. Helps avoid possible injury during equipment
setup and tear down.