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Gooseneck Football
Goal Posts
Steel gooseneck and crossbar design
with aircraft alloy aluminum uprights are
available in a wide variety of sizes and
colors. Choose collegiate, high school or
expandable combination width goals with
white or safety yellow powder coated
nish. 5 ⁄” diameter gooseneck poles
are available in either 6’ or 8’ setback.
4 ½” diameter gooseneck poles have 5’
setback. All IPI football goal posts are
designed for 48” direct ground bury but
optional ground sleeves are available.
Order Goal Post Padding, Wind Direction
Streamers and Weighted Goal Line
Markers separately. Call for details.
Visit www.bisoninc.com for details
on our complete line of football
goal posts.
Football Upright
5” thick high density foam
covered with vinyl in your choice of
17 school colors. Can be lettered or logoed for a
custom look.
Football Wind Streamers
Set of four orange wind direc
streamers for top of goal post uprights. Includes
mounting hardware for IPI gooseneck goal
Football Weighted Line Markers
Set of four orange weighted goal line markers.
Gooseneck Football Goal Posts
HStyle Rugby Goal PostsH-Style Football Goal Posts
Rugby Goals
Same design features as
H-Style Football Goal at
left except designed to
meet ocial rugby rules
for upright width and
LC200 Steel Lacrosse Goals
Meets all NCAA and NF rules for competition play. Welded steel
6’ (h) x 6’ (w) x 7’ (d) goals have orange powder coated nish.
Includes net, net attachment lacing and ground anchors.
HK500 Ice Hockey Goals
Full welded steel ocial size goal has 72” (w) x 48” (h) x 34”
(d) opening. Red powder coated nish. Includes 6mm nets, net
attachment laces and full cushion set. Order urethane breakaway
locator rods separately.
Football Goal
These low cost
galvanized steel H-Style
goalposts are perfect
for practice elds, youth
football or programs on
a tight budget. Can be
installed at college or
high school width in 36”
deep footings. Features
3 ½” heavy wall uprights
that extend 10’ above the
3 ½” heavy wall crossbar.